If you are a boss who wants to improve the productivity level of your employees, mobile app may become something perfect that helps you to do that then. It cannot be denied that communication technology in this recent time becomes a kind of technology that notes the fastest growth among all kinds of technology. It can be so since the high need of people in doing communication in this recent time makes communication technology is commonly used by people in almost daily life. The high popularity of communication technology is also influenced by the advanced of mobile phone as the main device for people in doing communication.

As what has mentioned before, a mobile phone in this recent time is getting more popular and advanced since it is used by many people as their main communication device. A mobile phone is chosen by people since through this device people consider that their communication activities can be done easier and more effective. But, among all of the positive side of mobile phone that may able to make your communication activities get easier and more effective, a mobile phone is also to lead some bad things, especially for your employees. Therefore you may need something that named as mobile app then. (more…)

In this modern era, Juvenile delinquency is increased since; there are many cases involve teenagers as the criminal. Generally, it is caused by lack of supervision from their parent. In order to prevent this, my spy can be used to help any parents in monitoring their children. It is a phone application use to spy someone’s phone. Hence, it is really useful to know your children wholly without miss any parts of it. With this application, you can guard your children from any bad deeds which will be happened. Sometimes, any parents don’t know about what kind of friends that their children have. Therefore, it is really important to install this application on child’s phone.

If you are too busy in working, My spy help you to check your child’s location. GPS tracking becomes great feature provided by this application. With this feature, you can watch your child’s location. It is also become anti-kidnapping solution for any parents who are worried about kidnapping. Sometimes, some children are lying to their parent. Therefore, they cannot lie anymore since; you know the real position of your child. Your children will be good kid and never done anything bad again since; you can control their life with this application. (more…)