Nowadays, the case of airplane crash happens so often. With the lot of damages on the airplane part, the evacuation team made the difficulties in searching for the victim on the airplane crash. The difficulties are usually about in covering the death victim, the one who lost, or have a serious injury. For a long time, there is no smart discovery for modern tools to track airplane crash victim. The tracking is done by only relying on the naked eye sight. If the weather is bad the process of tracking is usually stopped because of the difficulties that the evacuation team met.

Because of this condition, a team of students in Gadjah Mada University create a smart-tech bracelet. This smart discovery can help the evacuation team to find the death victim or injury victim so that they can be evacuated faster. The smart-tech bracelet can track and scan the location of the airplane crash victim. The use of smart-tech bracelet is simple. Same as the function of seatbelt, the smart-tech bracelet will be uses by every airplane passenger when they are entering the cabin. The mechanism of this smart-tech bracelet is when the airplane on flight the bracelet is in off mode. But when the crashes happen, the smart-tech will automatically turn on.

Alwy, one of the innovators of the smart-tech bracelet said that, there is GPS tracker inside the bracelet that will automatically send the data of location receiver, and a pinger signal that will be able to penetrate solid objects and have affordability farer than another signal. The seeker tool usually put in helicopter and the tools will get the signal. Next, those signal transferred to Google Maps or any other modern application. And from the data that has been gotten the location coordinate of victim can be detected. This is indeed smart discovery.